The images below are examples of the vessels that I have made, all pieces are originals but can be recreated in any colors and a variety of sizes.

Blue boat with metal tacks
Khaki bowl
Red bowl with metal rings
Green stitched bowl
Red bowl with barbed wire
Set of three in orange
Green bowl with wire wrap
Plum lidded bowl
Green bowl with wire ribbon
Red bucket
Sunset boat
36x6x12 tall
Cream boat
Sky blue boat
Yellow and orange boat with glass medallions
Gold boat with metal detail
Bird nest
Link bowl
Custom order
Green Banana bowl
Red dimpled boat
Large green winged and fluted boat
Khaki bowl with nubs
Orange winged boat
Green nail bowl
Oval bowl with holes
Oval wrap bowl
Blue winged bowl
Aqua boat with nails
Red sunset style boat
Oval lyrical with texture
Sunset style boat in aqua